Author: Sally Marshall

Are YOU keeping up-to-date with technology?

I was recently at a social media day in London and listened to several talks about changes in social media and the technology we all use every day in our businesses.  It was quite amazing to realise how quickly things change and how we all need to keep up-to-date with the latest platforms, ideas and […]

Do YOU need to work in your business?

Having just spent a week in New York city, it struck me how amazing it is to realise that my business can run without me!  Do YOU need to be in your business every day or can it run efficiently without you? My vision is to have a business which I can run from a […]

Are You a Walker or a Talker?

Many business owners talk a good story but do they actually practice what they preach and take their own advice?  Are they walkers or talkers? Looking around, there are many business owners who clearly aren’t following their own advice for whatever reason.  We all know it’s easy to say something but it’s not always so […]

Have You Defined YOUR Vision?

There has been a lot of talk recently about having a vision but what does that really mean? Your vision will be different to the next persons.  It’s something which is very personal to you and your family; your expectations are different, your needs are different so take the time to stop and think what […]

Are You Following The Shiny Object?

Are you one of those people who chops and changes with the wind and follows the next shiny object to enter your radar?  It sounds great to be in with the next exciting development but is it really? If you jump around too much or have too many diverse products and services, your potential clients […]

What is a Balanced Scorecard?

Having a balanced scorecard in your business is an amazing way of keeping track on what’s happening and alerting you when things are going off track.  So what is it? A balanced scorecard looks at four areas of your business – financials, customers, internal processes and training/development. Once you have a handle on each of […]

Where are you heading?

Where Are You Heading?

For many business owners, the excitement of starting their own business carries them along for quite a while and the reality of what they are doing and where they want to go doesn’t kick in for some time, maybe at the point when they want funding or maybe are looking to take on a partner.

Why network?

Why Network?

Many small businesses struggle with lead generation and building their email list. In this day and age of social media and email marketing, it’s vital that you start to build your network and your list as soon as you start thinking about going into business. You need to be visible and tell people what you are doing otherwise how are they going to find you?