Soumya Karkara

In my personal and professional experience, I have known that every child /young person have the resources within them to cope with challenging situations. Coaching provides the safe space and empowering process to draw the strengths out of the child/young person. In our working partnership, I support, guide, listen and challenge children & young people to move forward, grow and learn from their life experiences. My warm, honest, encouraging approach helps children & young people to connect and believe in themselves feeling happier about the choices they make in their future. I strongly believe that it is essential for every child to learn and develop their life skills to not only survive but thrive in life generally. I am adamant about HELPING CHILDREN TO HELPTHEMSELVES at every stage of their life, to know the power they have within them and the potential to transform their life, see their beautiful self.

After completing my Master’s in Social Work in 2005, I committed to work with children & young people, families and schools ( both primary & secondary) making a positive impact in the life of every child I had the opportunity to work. The combination of my learning and 14 years of work experience has only helped me to develop an approach of coaching that empowers young people & children to find their solutions in the shortest possible time, focusing on where they want to get rather than being concerned about the details of the problem.

Every one has a GIFT to give to the world- my gift to give, is helping children and young people see the power within them and be leaders of their own future.

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