VIP Membership

We are launching a VIP Membership to the Steer Your Business Club for business owners who want to take their business to the next level.

Included in the membership package is:

  • a monthly article in the Steer Your Business magazine
  • a recorded interview which will be embedded in your article
  • an exclusive monthly mastermind group
  • weekly networking meeting
  • printed copy of the Steer Your Business magazine
  • a VIP Member's brochure to promote your business
  • a personalised front cover of the member's brochure to promote to your clients

The mastermind group will be limited to 10 members so that you can time to talk about your business and the challenges you face in a confidential space.

The Member's brochure will be personalised for you so that you can share it with your clients and potential clients.  Included will be a video interview showcasing your business


To join the VIP Membership, subscribe now for £250 a month.

No contract, just a monthly recurring payment for as long as you stay a VIP member