Articles Or Adverts - Or Both

Having an article or consistent articles is a great way to be visible and showcase your expertise.

Whether you choose 6 articles or 6 adverts, both will get you in front of a wider audience.

The digital magazine is shared across social media.

Sally has almost 13,000 connections on LinkedIn, 20,000 followers on Twitter and thousands more on Facebook and Instagram.

Imagine if YOUR business is seen by just 1% of those followers - how would that make you feel?

All pages are shared individually on social media so that everyone gets seen.

Once people start to like, comment and share then the number of people seeing each pages jumps exponentially.

Our network, plus your network plus all the contributors networks ...

SYB May_June 2023

Which Option Do You Prefer?

6 x 1/4 page adverts over a 12 month period to make sure your business is visible consistently to readers

Just £995 for 6 adverts

6 x one page articles to showcase your expertise over a 12-month period.

Each article has links to your website or LinkedIn page so readers can get in touch with you direct

Just £995 for 6 articles

Really be seen by having an article and a 1/4 page advert in each issue over a 12 month period

The best value

Just £1500 for 6 adverts and 6 article