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Mike Greene

Summer Success: Navigating Work-Life Balance to Achieve Business Goals

As an entrepreneur and business leader, I know first-hand the challenges of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, especially during the summer when the lure of outdoor adventures and family time is strong. However, I’ve also learned that finding harmony between our professional and personal lives is essential for long-term success, fulfilment, and good mental health. […]

Kevin Artlett


In a recent conversation with a client about the kind of ‘pain points’ they experience in day-to-day business they highlighted their frustration at not being paid on time by some clients. Probing this issue further, they went on to say that the problem was not always a case of not being able to speak with […]

H-J Dobbie Azets_Maidstone100 copy

Employment Regulation Changes To Be Aware Of

Many employment law changes came into effect from April 2024, which could have an impact on your business. H-J Dobbie, Head of HR Consultancy at Azets, explores them below. 1. Holiday for variable hours contracts For holiday years starting in April 2024, businesses can revert to the 12.07% method for calculating holiday entitlement and pay […]

Catherine Perry

How accreditation benefits businesses

Industry accreditation is independent recognition that an organisation meets the requirements of governing industry standards. It is a formal recognition process in which businesses meet predefined criteria and quality standards assessed by an independent accreditation body. Having accreditation as a business provides confidence to customers of the quality, competence, safety and reliability of their accredited […]

Sara Sheppard

Business Property Relief (BPR) and how it can help save Inheritance Tax

Business Property Relief (BPR) in the UK is a valuable tax relief designed to support business owners and their families by reducing the burden of Inheritance Tax (IHT). Under Inheritance Tax Act 1984, BPR allows qualifying business assets to be passed on free from IHT either during one’s lifetime or upon death. This relief plays […]

Aly Young

How to find a buyer for my business?

Finding a buyer for your business is a bit like trying to find a buyer for your house. One option is to use an agent. However unlike estate agents, most business sales agents want money up front with no guarantee of success. I often work with family-owned businesses when it is the children of the […]