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What Does It Mean To Thrive?

We often hear the word ‘thriving’ but have you ever stopped to consider what it really means, or whether it applies to you? The dictionary definition of ‘thrive’ is ‘to prosper, be fortunate or successful’ and also ‘to grow or develop vigorously; flourish’.  In coaching terms, thriving is all about working on your self-development, personal […]

Kevin Artlett

Red Flags In Credit Control

There has been much discussion recently in credit industry events and forums I have attended about tell-tale signs to look out for if any of your customers are experiencing financial problems, which will ultimately impact payment of your invoices. It is vital not to overlook these as if you delay taking appropriate action you may […]

Aly Young

Management buyouts: An attractive option for business owners looking to sell their company 

Selling a business is often viewed as a highly complex process, not least when trying to find the ideal buyer. This is why business owners should consider a management buyout (MBO) as an attractive succession option that can allow for an early and profitable exit from their business.   Why should I opt for an MBO?  […]

Hayley Kingsnorth of Azets

Automation in accounting: data driven decisions 

To grow a business, business leaders need to understand where they are now, have the ability to review their business and use that information and reliable data to plot their plans for growth.  Growth can only be measured by having robust data to help you understand how far you have come or may still have […]

Gordon Tebbutt

Unlocking Product Success with Daily Data

Until recently, and for over a decade, I was Head of Digital and Chief Product Officer (CPO) at Freeads, having the privilege of being part of an incredible journey. Growing 400% from 1m in 2010 to 4m in 2013 was truly a collective effort. I believe this journey speaks to the importance of strategic digital […]

Aly Young

Highs and Lows Of Running A Family Business

In 2020, Oxford Economics estimated there were 4.8 family million businesses in the UK, making up 85.9% of all private sector businesses, employing 13.9 million workers, 51.5% of private sector employment.  Family run businesses can be extremely successful. The individuals know each other well and at least in the early days, they are all pulling […]