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Work from home

5 Things to make your home work-friendly

Many of us already work from home full or part-time but the recent lockdown means a lot more families have been unexpectedly faced with this situation without being able to plan for it. This is obviously a huge change for households and it will bring with it some additional challenges like separating work from home …

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Should You DIY Your Design?

I know what you’re thinking… That as the Director of a design agency, I would say this. But I’m going to say it anyway. Please, please, please, don’t DIY your company’s branding and graphic design. While we’re the first to agree that a company’s visual presentation should match a brand’s ‘personality’, even if your ethos …

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GDPR FD cover

GDPR For Dummies

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a complex set of rules you’ll need to follow if your organisation has any dealings with people in EU countries or if your organisation is established in the EU.  A must-read for small business owners, GDPR For Dummies, by internationally renowned data protection lawyer and GDPR expert, Suzanne …

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1 in 4 employers expect permanent redundancies from coronavirus crisis

A joint survey from the CIPD and People Management magazine shows how employers are responding to the Covid-19 pandemic Over 50 per cent of UK employers will look to furlough their staff but one in four expect to make permanent redundancies due to the coronavirus crisis, a new joint survey from the CIPD, the professional …

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Steer Your Business events

Surviving a global pandemic, in business and life!

What can you do in the time of crisis?

Together Team

Together Networking

Businesses Come Together Within a week of launching the Together Network has grown a community of 800 businesses all needing support and helping each other through these tough times. The network offers 3 free webinars a week, an online fitness session everyday and fun and wellbeing opportunities in between all provided by local businesses. to …

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