The episodes from the Steer Your Business podcast.

Sam Howard

In Conversation with Sam Howard

Sam Howard of Two Thirds Different shares his journey into marketing and the growth of his business. He discusses the shift to online marketing during COVID-19 and the importance of automation in saving time and improving efficiency. Sam emphasizes the need for businesses to focus on econometrics and understand their customer acquisition costs and profit […]

Carrie Stay

In Conversation with Carrie Stay

Listen here Carrie Stay, co-founder of Clockwork Moggy, shares her journey from aspiring children’s book illustrator to graphic designer. She emphasizes the importance of branding and explains that it goes beyond just a logo. Branding includes mission, goals, values, target audience, and brand positioning. Carrie advises businesses to have a clear strategy and goals in […]

Jon Lovell Pic

In Conversation with Jon Lovell

A fascinating conversation with Jon Lovell about sales and customer services. Jon Lovell shares his journey from the automotive industry to customer service and sales. He emphasizes the importance of finding solutions to customers’ problems and helping them achieve their goals. He discusses the evolution of his career and the creation of EasiChat, a chatbot […]

Hayley Kingsnorth of Azets

In Conversation with Hayley Kingsnorth

Some great information in this conversation with Hayley Kingsnorth of Azets Listen here

Kevin Artlett

In Conversation With Kevin Artlett

The Intricacies of Credit Control: A Journey from Accidental Discovery to Passionate Advocacy In the world of finance, credit control and credit management are critical yet often underappreciated disciplines. Kevin Arlett’s journey into this field was not one of deliberate choice but rather a serendipitous stumble, a narrative not uncommon among professionals in this sector. […]

Anita Pickersgill

In Conversation with Anita Pickersgill

A fascinating chat with Anita Pickersgill about her journey into credit control and debt collection. The Unconventional Path to Credit Control: Anita Pickersgill’s Journey Anita Pickersgill’s career trajectory into the world of credit control and debt collection is a testament to the unpredictable nature of professional life. Her story begins with the challenges faced during […]