In Conversation with Sam Howard

10th June 2024 / Sam Howard / No Comments

Sam Howard of Two Thirds Different shares his journey into marketing and the growth of his business. He discusses the shift to online marketing during COVID-19 and the importance of automation in saving time and improving efficiency.

Sam emphasizes the need for businesses to focus on econometrics and understand their customer acquisition costs and profit margins. He also highlights the value of training videos and asymmetrical working in international collaborations. The motivation behind adopting new marketing strategies often comes from seeing competitors or other businesses succeed in those areas. In this conversation, Sam Howard discusses the value of cross-sectoral analysis and the importance of looking at what other businesses are doing on a consistent basis. He emphasizes the need to focus on processes rather than templates and highlights the significance of having conversations with potential customers rather than using pushy sales tactics. Sam also talks about the role of automation in marketing and the importance of customer retention and positive reviews.


  • The shift to online marketing during COVID-19 has led to the growth of businesses like Two Thirds Different that focus on automation and efficiency.
  • Understanding customer acquisition costs and profit margins is crucial for business viability and growth.
  • Training videos are a valuable resource for businesses to learn and implement new strategies.
  • Asymmetrical working allows for international collaborations and efficient communication across different time zones.
  • Businesses often adopt new marketing strategies after seeing their competitors succeed in those areas. Cross-sectoral analysis allows businesses to identify trends and learn from other industries.
  • Focusing on processes rather than templates is key to success.
  • Having conversations with potential customers is more effective than using pushy sales tactics.
  • Automation plays a crucial role in marketing, improving customer service and retention.
  • Positive reviews and customer referrals are essential for business growth.

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