CRM: What Do You Need To Do?

18th August 2021 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

How many times have you tapped away at the computer and berated yourself for not being able to complete what you consider a simple task? 

I’m betting it’s a lot. 

Customer Relation Management systems are real ‘buzz’ products now and rightly so. If we are running a business, then we need a suitable and affordable solution to keep on top of our customers’ journey and somewhere to hold their data safely.  

But just because you need one, that doesn’t mean you should know how to use one.  

Let me explain. 

Recently I received a phone call. 

“I know I need a CRM system,” came the voice, “but I have no idea where to start. I’ve downloaded a free tool but all I’ve ended up with is a large online address book.” 

I nod in agreement. 

“And now,” they continue, “I have a list of over 100 tasks. It’s overwhelming and I feel stupid. I should know how to use this.” 

Before responding, I ask what it is they do. 

Now on safe ground, the caller speaks fluently and with great knowledge and passion and I am engaged. I have not encountered such a business before. 

“I had no idea that was possible,” I say, “what you do is incredible. I would have no idea where to begin.” 

The voice on the other end laughed. “Why would you? This is what I’ve done my whole career, I wouldn’t expect you to know.” 


And that’s it right there. They wouldn’t expect me to know.  

So why do we think we should be able to download systems and software and instantly make them work? Just because they’re ‘free’ and ‘easy to use’ doesn’t mean they actually are – that’s just marketing speak. If your boiler sprung a leak you would call a plumber rather than try to plug the hole yourself. It’s the same with systems and software. 

I have spent my career working with software solutions across a variety of businesses and have been told I can translate ‘geek to human’, which is key. I take your ‘human’ IT challenge and convert it to ‘geek’ so that I can find the most appropriate solution. This I will then deliver, with all relevant resources, in an easy-to-understand way.  

Helpdesk support, training of teams, extensive trouble-shooting and project management roles throughout my career have all provided the knowledge and skills to bring the right solution to the right problem. This is my passion. 

And now it’s all about you.  

I take time to learn your business and discover what you actually need rather than what you think you do, then find a solution to make your journey possible. This I convert to human, so you don’t have to understand the geek.  

Let’s go back to the leaking boiler. It’s the same with software solutions.  

You’re not stupid. You’re not expected to know. And that’s where I come in. 

Any system I don’t know is one I’m excited to learn. For you and with you. 

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