Have You Defined YOUR Vision?

9th April 2018 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

There has been a lot of talk recently about having a vision but what does that really mean?

Your vision will be different to the next persons.  It’s something which is very personal to you and your family; your expectations are different, your needs are different so take the time to stop and think what you really want from your business and how it is going to impact your life in the future.

Your vision can range from having a business which is something you work in for a period of time to something you can ultimately sell – or maybe something which you can leave as a legacy for your children so that they have a pension and a secure future.

Having a vision and a vision board also keeps you motivated to get out of bed in the morning.  Knowing why you are getting up early, working late and maybe missing out on something you wanted to do helps you to focus on building your business, getting what you want from it and then planning how you can enjoy it in the future.

A student at a local academy has a dream of being a professional footballer.  It might sound a bit crazy but he is determined and has offers of scholarships from American universities.  At the moment he is focusing on revising for exams, his school work and of course, playing football.  For him, having a vision board keeps him focussed on the end result – securing a place at the university of his choice.   He has photos of universities, professional footballers and other related things which keep his mind on what he really wants.  All those hours of studying are totally focussed on his vision, his dream of playing professional football.

Your business is no different.  Focus on the things you need to achieve along the way to enable you to have the business and the lifestyle that you want for yourself and your family.

In the current climate, pensions are something most of us can only dream of.  Will there be anything left when we, or our children, get to pension age – whatever that might be!   Taking control of your own destiny is much more responsible.  Decide what age you want to retire, what you need in place to make that happen, how you will spend you spare time, where you will live, how often you will go on holiday and then set the goals to make sure it happens.

If you’d like help with getting all this down on paper so that you have a plan, check out, book a call with Sally on the Sally Marshall group website – www.sallymarshallgroup.co.uk

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