Secrets on How to Run LinkedIn Campaigns

17th January 2020 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

The internet today is full of businesses trying to vie for a client’s trust and patronage. What does it take to stand out amongst the many? 

This article is for anyone providing B2B services and is looking for more clients. Let me explain; LinkedIn is a powerful platform for making the right connections. With a simple search, you can directly reach over 61m senior level influencers and 40m are in decision making positions. And it is growing fast, with a reported 2 new active users joining every second of every day. 

The opportunity to be seen is exponential; with a highly optimised LinkedIn Profile and by sharing interesting and relevant content consistently; you have the potential of your feed being seen by your network and if it gets a lot of engagement, it can be shown to other networks as well. 


Optimise your LinkedIn profile from a legacy CV version to a highly informative landing page. Customers nowadays need to be impressed. And without a professional online presence, it’s unlikely you’ll close as many sales as you would like. With so many generic ads out there, it’s easy for your brand to get lost in the crowd. 

The solution, however, is simple and elegant! Having a professional, branded profile for your business on LinkedIn could be the answer to landing more clients!  

LinkedIn’s own search engine reviews profiles in the order of the different sections that they deem most important on your profile, such as; 

  • Your title 
  • Your headline  
  • Your experiences 
  • Your profile photo 

Which means it is important to add keywords on your profile in a way that makes sense to your connections. This can also help with Google search results. 

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Step 2 

Grow your network. Be clear about your goal and who you want to talk to. Making connections with people who are your prospective clients or influencers in your industry is important. With a simple search and a connection request you could be chatting to your ideal client and a decision maker in one go. 

Step 3 

Do not spam! There is nothing more off putting than receiving a message “buy my stuff” without first building a relationship. Ask the prospects questions about them, their business, give them your attention and engage in a conversation with them. 

We can help train you so you can use LinkedIn as your main client generating machine.  

• How to build a killer LinkedIn profile and why do you need one 

• Why your clients will trust you more if your brand looks professional 

• Learn how to prospect like a pro on LinkedIn 

When potential clients are put off by the lack of professionalism of your LinkedIn profile, they’ll most likely leave and run to the competition. Don’t let that happen, give us call. 

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