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8th August 2022 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

We are back with our face-to-face networking in Kent. It’s been a long time coming but now we are putting together a regular schedule of networking events in Kent so that we can all meet up, make connections and ultimately do business together.

We had our first event in Ashford before the summer holidays and it was great to see everyone “in the flesh”!

Our next event will be in Canterbury at the Foundry Brew Pub on Monday 12 September at 3 pm where we will also have a speaker, Jim Jordan, CEO of The Scale Business.

Jim is working with businesses across Kent and elsewhere in the UK to help support them in scaling up over the next three years. There will be workshops and executive boards set up in Kent over the coming months for CEOs of any business with a turnover of £1m or more to work on their business and scale it up to £5m or £10m or whatever level they have set as their big goal.

Scaling up is a process and it requires everyone to pull together to work on the strategy and implementation to achieve the goal.

This is going to be a fascinating session as well as a great opportunity to network with like-minded businesses.

We are also planning networking events in Ashford, Folkestone and Maidstone on a regular basis so check out our events page to see what’s coming up.

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