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Positive change for women in enterprise, driven by data 

Our ambition is to create a fairer future by providing a clear picture of the UK company landscape.  

The Gender Index contains real-time data on 4.4 million active UK companies, which you can analyse by: 

  • Gender 
  • UK/country/area/LEP/local authority 
  • Sector 
  • Investment type 
  • Fast growth 
  • Age of company 

Or by any combination of these filters.   Access is free and by registering you can create and save bespoke reports on whatever is important to you.  

Have a look for yourself: 


The Gender Index community comprises passionate, driven, and inspirational leaders who are instrumental in helping us to create change.   We call them TGI Game Changers.  Here are fascinating insights from two:  Deb Leary and Mark Hart.

      “Quality Data is Essential, as is Interrogating it Properly”                  

   “The Gender Index Data Gives Leaders the Evidence to Bang the Drum for Female Entrepreneurship” 

YOU CAN FOLLOW TGI HERE:                  

Jill Pay, Chairman, The Gender Index 


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