Three Ways To Get More Sales Through Your Website

7th September 2023 / Jude Wharton / No Comments

We speak to a lot of people who have a website who are finding it isn’t really doing anything for their business. If this is the case for your website keep reading to find out some simple changes you can make to get more sales through your website. 

1. Be Clear on the Purpose of Your Website 

You may think that you’re clear on the purpose of your website, you want it to bring in clients, customers or sales for your business, but how? What is the actual action you want your website visitor to take on your website? If you have an online shop the main purpose of your website is to get people to buy the products. If you have a service based business and you need to have a conversation with your prospective clients before you work together, then the purpose of your website might be to get them to book a call. If you’re running a membership, the purpose of your website will probably be to get people to join. Once you are clear on the purpose of your website everything else should fall into place. 

2. Make Your Homepage All About Your Website Visitor 

As soon as someone hits your website they should know what you do and that you have a solution to their problems, needs or wants. Far too many people launch into their own story on the homepage and that’s a big no. That’s like me walking into a room, walking up to someone and saying, “Hi, I’m Jude. I’ve been running my own business for 13 years. I’m a Mum and wife and I love yoga.” Nobody asked! You wouldn’t do it, or at least I hope you wouldn’t, so don’t do it on your website. Definitely put relevant information about yourself on the about page, if they click on that then they’ve asked, but focus the homepage on engaging your website visitor, showing you understand them, signpost them to services or products that will help them and have clear buttons on your homepage so people can take action towards achieving the purpose of your website. 

3. Use Your Website to Build Your Email List 

It’s unlikely that you will makes sales or turn people into clients the first time they hit your website. They are going to do their research. But even if they aren’t ready to fully commit or part with money on their first visit, they might like the opportunity to stay in touch or find out more about you. Giving your website visitor the option to join your email list is a great way to do this. The most successful way of building an email list is to give something in exchange for their email such as a useful free download or a free gift with their first purchase. Once that person is on your email list it’s important to nurture them through regular emails that are useful to them. Then they’ll start to value you and are more likely to become a client or customer down the line. 

Give it a Go 

So, if your website really isn’t doing much for your business, give it some TLC, follow these tips and see if you can turn it around.  

You may also find the challenge we are running in September useful. It’s The Website Shame to Website Fame Challenge and you can find out more and join here. 

First published in July/August 2023

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