Confidence In a Crisis

20th April 2020 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

A global pandemic is something new to every one of us and affects us all in some way.

We are being forced into a new way of living, with family life, work and school life, the way we socialise and shop, care and grieve, all being affected.

Confidence levels can fall, as Anxiety and Stress levels increase, especially when you don’t feel in control, and due to no current definitive end date.

So, what things can you do to help?

Covid19 exists and we can’t change that. Concentrate on what you can control within your current situation, following recommended advice and know that most people will be fine.

Focus on the positives from your day; things that have made you smile or that you are grateful for.

Be kind to yourself at the moment; this is new for all of us, and though we are all in this together, there is no set way you shouldbe feeling, or things you should be achieving. We all deal with situations in our own way. The way you deal with this new and unprecedented situation, needs to be what’s right for you, and others you share a home with.

It is OK to not feel OK.

Don’t be alone with how you are feeling, stay connected with friends and family, talk to others and be honest about if you feel low or anxious, and seek professional help and guidance if needed. Why not phone someone you haven’t spoken to in a while, write a letter, or set up an online group.

A group I belong to does a virtual coffee morning every weekday, so we can check in and get ready for the day ahead.

A daily routine is a positive thing to do. Have a wake-up time during the week, get dressed, schedule in exercise, meals, work time, home schooling and stick to a bedtime so you get quality sleep. A routine is important at this time, because it helps us feel like we have had a ‘proper’ day. You don’t need to be achieving loads of things but, a small win is great in helping you feel good and boost confidence.

This is an opportunity to learn something new or rekindle an old skill and be creative. However, it is OK to have guilt free time to watch films, a box set, draw, do puzzles and read, if not now, then when?

If you have your own business, this could be a great time to look at new ways to do things and catch up on all those ‘I’ll do it when I have time’ jobs. Stay connected with your customers in the best way you can. If you have genuine concerns; there is local council and government help, do access it and seek advice.

Limit how many times you listen to or watch the news. This goes for social media too, unless the interaction you are having is uplifting, or offers useful advice.

Factor in some Fun, do exercise, dance, turn up the music and get outside into nature, to create those uplifting ‘happy’ hormones that are essential to your mental health.

It’s also important to have quiet time, practice mindfulness and breathe which helps reduce anxiety and stress. If feeling particularly anxious – breathe in for 4, hold for 3, and breathe out for 4, do this 3 times.

I hope this helps

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