Do you have an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy in place?

17th April 2020 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

Did you know having a LinkedIn marketing strategy in place can be extreme beneficial to your business.

Using LinkedIn for business allows you to easily increase your exposure while generating leads and expanding your network fast and cost effectively.

 With the number one platform growing rapidly in 2020 with over 610 million users, it’s an incredible powerful resource for establishing your business.

Having an effective strategy in place and your profile setup right is the key to using the platform successfully.

First Impressions Count 

Your profile is your shop door to your business, you are being judged on how professional your profile looks. Having a well designed profile is crucial to your business reputation and success. If you search for your name on Google the chances are one of the first searches that would come up is your LinkedIn Profile, hence while having a professional looking profile is essential to your business to impress and turn visitors into potential connections and leads.

The number 1 key is to know your target audience you want to connect with

Knowing who your ideal client is you can then tailor your profile to them, crafting a lead generating profile rather than looking one reading like a resume, and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.

So think about who you want to attract, and get really detailed here as the better you know your ideal client the better you can craft your profile to appeal to them.

Make sure your profile is optimised with your keywords that your customers would use to search for you to ensure your page shows up in the first few results.

Remember LinkedIn is tailored towards other business professionals.

Create content to establish yourself as an authority by using relevant keywords and images, data and charts are all valuable content that you should be producing and are a great way to show you’re a “go to” in your industry, Upload natively to LinkedIn and use video to really get your audience attention and stand out. 

Engage with others and contribute to conversations

With the LinkedIn algorithm favouring posts that generate engagement, particularly comments and conversations, Create posts that encourage engagement. Joining in on conversations and contribute your expertise when relevant on other posts all helps driving traffic to your profile and increasing your leads. 

Ask your employees to follow your page and set up their profile talking about your business, including your website link to help with your SEO

Social Proof

Ask for testimonials from your customers and recommendations, and remember to humanise your business with your audience. 

Consistency is key

Plan your content in advance and post on a consistent schedule

Post once per day and have a content calendar in place, this is one of the key strategies to being effective on LinkedIn, By having a plan in place you can then be more productive and engaging in other peoples posts, rather than wasting time worrying about what to post. 

So are you ready to – Build your 2020 LinkedIn strategy

Now you’re more informed as to why you need to be using LinkedIn, It’s time to create the perfect LinkedIn marketing strategy! Incorporate video into your post, optimise it for discoverability, and get it in front of the right people too generate leads from the number one growing platform for business to business.

To help with this, we have put together a mini course in PDF format to really super charge your profile and gain an edge over your competitors.

For a limited time only we are literally giving it away at only £27.00. Connect with me to find out more

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