GDPR For Dummies

6th April 2020 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a complex set of rules you’ll need to follow if your organisation has any dealings with people in EU countries or if your organisation is established in the EU.  A must-read for small business owners, GDPR For Dummies, by internationally renowned data protection lawyer and GDPR expert, Suzanne Dibble, provides simple steps to help you quickly and easily get to grips and comply on an ongoing basis with these new requirements and avoid fines of up to $27million. 

These regulations apply to all organisations established in the EU and to businesses established outside of the EU insofar as they process personal data about people within the EU. In the book, you’ll discover how GDPR applies to your organisation in the context of marketing, employment, providing your services, and using service providers.

In relation to Brexit and the UK leaving the EU, following the end of the transition period, when the EU GDPR will cease to apply, the UK will adopt its own version of the GDPR which is very similar to the EU GDPR. The effect of Brexit on data transfers and on data protection for organisations within the UK is covered within the book.

Suzanne explains how to prevent costly fines, regulatory investigations, customer complaints and brand damage, while gaining a competitive advantage and increasing customer loyalty by putting privacy at the heart of your business. 

The book explains the complexities of the GDPR in language that anyone can understand.  It is practical, relevant and comprehensive.  If you’re processing personal data – whether you’re part of a company, a charity, or an association, this is the book for you.

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