Should You DIY Your Design?

7th April 2020 / Sally Marshall / No Comments

I know what you’re thinking… That as the Director of a design agency, I would say this.

But I’m going to say it anyway.

Please, please, please, don’t DIY your company’s branding and graphic design.

While we’re the first to agree that a company’s visual presentation should match a brand’s ‘personality’, even if your ethos is all about being ‘rough and ready’ and a bit homespun, it shouldn’t look like you’ve actually just made it. In your actual home.

I always sa that our ideal client is anyone who agrees with these five statements…

• It’s important for my business to look professional

• It’s important for my sales and marketing materials to look consistent

• Trying to design those things myself isn’t the best use of my time

• Working with professional designers will get better results for my business

• Professional design is worth investing in

We’re not surprised when most people say they agree with statements 1 and 2.

Who doesn’t want their business to look professional and consistent??

But we’re still surprised how many people think that designing something themselves, will look just as good as if it’s designed professionally. It really won’t.

First impressions count and we can spot a DIY’d design a mile off. Far more importantly, so can all your customers and potential customers.

So, here’s 5 Good Reasons to use a professional designer – not necessarily us (although we’d love to help if we can)…

1. It Saves You Time

By hiring a graphic designer you’ll free up time to focus on what’s really important – running your business. An experienced designer will probably complete design projects in a fraction of the time it would take you. (And probably to a better standard).

2. It Saves You Money

While the initial financial outlay can seem high, the long-term value to businesses of quality graphic design is well recognised. It’s definitely an area where short term savings and cutting corners rarely result in long-term business gains.

Expert designers also work quickly and efficiently, and by using their expertise to create artwork to the correct specifications and ideal formats, they can also reduce print costs – the kind of technical stuff that someone less experienced might not even be aware of.

3. It Helps You Stand Out From The Crowd

Your branding – colours, logo, typography, imagery, tone of voice etc. – all influence how customers and potential customers perceive and react to you and your business.

Professional designers can expertly manipulate these elements to get you noticed for all the right reasons, and make sure that first, positive impression is also a lasting one.
By staying one step ahead of your competitors presentation-wise, you’ll stand a good chance of beating them business-wise.

4. It Improves Consistency

What does inconsistent branding say about your business? Using different logos, colours, fonts and styles across your materials looks confused, suggests you’re unprofessional (even if you’re the opposite), and risks turning away customers and potential customers.

To guarantee consistency across all your materials, ask a professional designer or design agency to be your ‘brand guardian’. As well as creating and establishing your brand, they know it’s just as important to project it over time.

5. It Keeps You Legal

Professional designers understand laws around copyright, labelling etc, so all your materials should comply with any rules and regulations.

Never use Google for sourcing imagery, or you could be hit with a BIG fine – another example where cutting corners for short-term cost savings can come back and bite you on the behind. Big-time.

So what’ll it be? Professionally-designed peace of mind, or a potential DIY disaster? The choice is yours.

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”
Mother Theresa 

Jen Howell, Director of Howell & Hicks Creative

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