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Seeke is a sales consultancy based in Kent that aims to help businesses & freelancers overcome their fear of sales and selling.

We offer something for everyone; from guides and templates, through to strategy calls, training and workshops. We also have a weekly podcast; ‘Sales for people who hate selling’ and a Facebook community of the same name that aims to bring people together to discuss any sales problems or queries that the members are facing in their business.

With 15 years of sales experience behind me I joined with the creative and technical forces of my partner Richard. We were both members of multiple business groups across social media and frequent visitors of networking circles and we noticed that the same queries were coming up time and time again. Business owners & freelancers who had an amazing product or service,
but had the ‘fear factor’ when it came to selling. We realised we could help and the reception so far has been fantastic. People absolutely love the concept of what we do.

We don’t call ourselves ‘coaches’ and we’re guided by our experience rather than motivational quotes and affirmations; that’s fine for other people, but we’re more about giving people practical tools and strategies they can use. Whether that be help with prospecting, pitching, client management or simply improving their confidence around selling. People seem to take a
pretty negative approach to selling generally and our goal is to help business owners see that selling is the backbone of their business. Without selling, you can’t make money. But, there are ways to sell that don’t feel ‘icky’ or tacky (which is a fear that our clients talk about a lot).

Of course, access to the Facebook group or listening to our Podcast is completely free (as are a few of our PDF guides). For a financial investment you can book a sales strategy session over the phone (or zoom) where we’ll go into depth about where you’d like to get more sales. We’ll spend time together dissecting your current sales strategy and put a plan in place for the next 3 months .Your investment in a strategy call includes a second follow up call after the 3 months to see how you’re doing and where we go next. The key word there is ‘we’ – Everything we offer is collaborative. Think of us as an extra arm to your business. A Sales Manager you didn’t have to pay 30k a year for.

We won’t do the cold calling for you and we can’t teach you how to be a good sales person, but we believe we don’t need to. I’ve been there and done it, so I know how scary sales can be, but it doesn’t have to be. A lot of people we speak to have said we’ve completely changed their thinking around sales and flipped it on its head, which is exactly the reason we’re doing this.

To find out more or contact us, the details are below. And if you’d like to listen to our podcast you can find it on Apple Podcasts, Anchor and Spotify.

Rhea Holley
Twitter: @weareseeke
Email: weareseeke@gmail.com
Facebook community – Seeke – Sales for people who hate selling.

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