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The Intricacies of Credit Control: A Journey from Accidental Discovery to Passionate Advocacy

In the world of finance, credit control and credit management are critical yet often underappreciated disciplines. Kevin Arlett’s journey into this field was not one of deliberate choice but rather a serendipitous stumble, a narrative not uncommon among professionals in this sector. Despite the accidental beginning, Kevin’s subsequent embrace of the field highlights a passion that has fueled his impressive career trajectory.

Kevin’s experience underscores a fundamental truth in credit management: it is as much about people as it is about numbers. The human element of business transactions cannot be overstated. Establishing and nurturing relationships is paramount, not only for the successful onboarding of customers but also for ensuring the smooth collection of payments. This focus on the “front end” of credit control is where Kevin has seen many businesses falter, and it is where he has dedicated his expertise.

Through his consultancy and training business, Kevin emphasises the importance of understanding who you’re dealing with. This involves more than just assessing creditworthiness; it’s about building a rapport that can withstand the sometimes challenging process of payment collection. His approach is a testament to the delicate balance between maintaining a firm stance on credit policies and fostering ongoing business relationships.

Kevin’s insights reveal that credit control is not merely a function of financial operations but a vital aspect of customer service and business sustainability. His accidental discovery of a career in credit has led to a love for the field, and his many years of experience serve as a beacon for those navigating the complex waters of credit management. His story is a reminder that sometimes, the best paths in life are those we never intended to take.

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