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I’m going to kick this out with the solution right away, because that is what most of us are after when clicking on a baity title: Because honesty is on its way to outgrow greed and Vlogging is the best amplifier for that right now. 

There you have it. Are you satisfied? I hope not. Up for a proof? Let’s see if we can actually discover that. 

I’m writing these lines right now because I am committed to tell you my story. Why? – You might ask. Well, there are multiple answers for that. I’ll give you a few, so hopefully you can find yours in the lot. 


  • …I believe this is the most valuable marketing tool I can use today. 
  • …if I start to tell my readers what to do then how many of you will do something with it? 
  • …chances are we don’t know each other but I hope you might be able to solve this for us. 
  • …I believe we (that’s you, and all who follow the path of honesty) can help this world to become a better place to live in. 

My name is Peter Wolf and I am a 36 year old entrepreneur from Hungary who moved to the UK in 2015. I arrived alone with basically no money or directions, but I had one goal in life: to figure out how to have a noticeable positive impact on the world. 

Again, there are many reasons why, but the most important one is because I would like to live in a better society where trusting others is not an issue anymore. 

I lived in 5 different countries, worked in different industries, launched and failed 4 businesses. After 7 years of active search, inspired by a book which many of us have probably read – Napoleon Hill: Think and Grow Rich – I’ve discovered the path to my ultimate goal, which still is to change the world. 

How are we going to achieve it? By proving that the path of honesty is one of the most beneficial marketing strategies today, so the market will realise and follow until honesty will become the trend and a “must do” in business. 

I am simply one of you, open-minded business people who want to make a difference. My role here is to plant the seed of honesty into your minds. It is beneficial and effectively usable for business growth. 

What do you feel when receiving a flyer, spam, being forced to watch a commercial for 5 seconds or scrolling through a bunch of ads? I don’t know about you but I’ve been conditioned on what to buy for a long time, thanks to the influence of the advertising industry. Do I like it? No, not at all. How do I keep myself on my own path then? 

First of all I use honesty wherever I can. I am also looking to serve, invest and buy from honest companies. The only problem is that there’s not enough of them out there yet. Honesty vs greed – who do you think will win? 

The Vlogging part is easy. It’s an automated communication channel controlled by individual decisions in a format that benefits from personality. What can be more honest than your true personality? 

We don’t have to be the best to succeed. We can choose to be honest. You can choose to be you. 

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